behind the scene of my cinematography for TV-Commercial “Nutroplex Oligo Plus” in Bangkok / Thailand

production company: “Yak Yay House”

industry photography in Bangkok: cinematic photo shooting in a diamond factory for “WEMPE exquisite timepieces & jewelry”

“WEMPE” is one of Germany’s oldest family owned luxury companies, and among the largest dealers of fine timepieces and jewelery across Europe. The shooting for WEMPE had taken place in the factory of “Siam Stars Limited” in Bangkok, one of the oldest diamond factories in Thailand stablished 30 years ago. The assignment was to create images to show the precise work of thai women transforming rough diamond stones to of the most exklusive jewelry pieces world wide. All works hand made just with a few basic tools. Astonishing ūüôā

behind the scene of “filming a diamond” ¬†with the value of 350,000 Thai Baht for “Siam Stars Limited” in Bangkok / Thailand¬†

behind the scene of a “cinematography assignment” for a TV-Commercial “Nok Air Baggage”

production house: “Yak Yai House” Bangkok / Thailand

InTe Organic: How I created the images:

When I went to the CEO of the company, I¬†had no clou what’s awaiting me. I hadn’t meet him before and I didn’t know how is his taste for photos. He showed me a luggage of 38 different tees in beautiful red brown packages with a simple design. In the conversation with him I found it out he likes, simplicity in the product photography, like me … specially when you live ¬†in a very busy and chaotic city like Bangkok ūüôā

He gave free hand to create simple but significant images. He was not satisfied with the previous photographer. Because the images weren’t beautiful and hadn’t riches of details. InTe¬†¬†is a natural and organic product. Tea leaves take every day a bath of sun and glowing like a sun. So I decided to arrange them like a sun, spreading the rays around and like a rainbow after the rain in the sun let them shine in all their beauty and colorful richness of details. As the photos were ready and I presented them to the CEO, he was surprised and delighted about the simplicity and beauty of the photos rich of details an colors.

From Photo to Video

The satisfaction of the CEO about my professional work brought him the idea to make a¬†video about “InTe”¬†… Two weeks later he called me to meet him at his office. As always in his short sentences he said he wants to have a very short video around 20-30 seconds to show different colors of the brewed tee, without any models or conventional videos about tees … Something simple and unique. Thats was the short meeting. Now I was alone again with my phantasies and thoughts about the brewed tea. I searched in Internet and couldn’t find satisfying samples and references. So I trust my own fantasy and imagination.

What stands “brewed tee” for?

First of all has brewed tee beautiful colors: different yellow, green, red and brown tones. So me and ¬†my food stylist brewed and drank¬†38 different organic teas in just one day. It was amazing all the different tastes, smells¬†and colors. Other side we were¬†high for about 2 days ūüôā Finally we found the 4 best teas for the best 4 colors: yellow, green, red and brown.

Second: brewed tea is relaxing and at the same time refreshing, like a small nap accompanying with day dream. Thats the secret of the brewed tea. So this inspiration lead me to choose a bright white light like a day dream. refreshing and relaxing.

My photo studio in Bangkok

In my studio I have a diffuse white special table for shooting. To provide enough light I ordered 4 lamps with total output of 4000 watt. A lighting electrician and camera assistant helped me and the food stylist to do this job. My Nikon D810 an amazing DSLR with a full size sensor and 36 mega pixel was chosen for its clarity, richness of details and true brilliant colors. Using prime professional lenses completed the technical perfection. Hanging the studio with white fabrics was necessary to eliminate bad reflection in the silvery tea pot and create good smooth reflection.

16 hours shooting¬†in one day! Yes we had to repeat the most shots several times to achieve the best result. I usually am not easy to satisfied with the shots and am very selective in my job. I usually go to the limit of possibilities and make sure that we did what we could. Than I can lean back and say: “It was a meaningful shooting day!”

Video edit and music!

Immediately after shooting at the same night I sent the shots to my video editor, a very creative guy also from Berlin based in Bangkok. I know him for a long time and I know how creative, precise and fast he works. The morning after, it was a Sunday, when I woke up the first version of the video edit was in my mailbox ūüôā yes so fast! He chose a lounge¬†music, with a gentle beat and smooth rhythm, with a dreamy and decent female voice. It was almost perfect! We made about a few little changes and sent the second version to the client. They were very delighted and happy about the video and put it im internet.

Fashion Catalogue photo shooting “Bikini – 70s Look” in Thailand

behind the scene of my cinematography for TV-Commercial “Nok Air ¬†Check-In” in Bangkok / Thailand

production company: “Yak Yay House”

advertising photography with Miss Thailand 2014: “Maeya Nonthawan Chanwanathorn”

behind the scene of my advertising photo shooting “Deedo” for the production company “I-Studio” in Bangkok / Thailand

Fashion Catalogue photo shooting for “Chilindo” in Bangkok / Thailand

There are many different ways you can achieve professional-looking catalog photos. Successfully mastering the techniques of catalog photography will help turn your product images into sellable products that customers will want to buy.

food photography in Bangkok ¬†for D’ARK an exclusive caf√© and restaurant

D’ARK represents a fantastic mix of all the food, cultures, and ‘joie de vivre’ (the joy of living). The extensive menu consists of over 350 Mediterranean-inspired dishes including Spanish, French, Italian and Grecian, as well as Thai food. In addition to staple menu, D’ARK also offers a series of food promotions throughout the year like Christmas Specials. I have the pleasure to photo shoot several sessions for this special restaurant in Bangkok.

product photography in Bangkok for¬†“Pebble”¬†

Pebble” at its website:¬† “Babies, toddlers and children smile with wonder at the cute designs and quirky expressions, parents smile at the joy of watching their little ones and knowing that their purchase also helped a family a long way away, and the Hathay Bunano artisans smile knowing that they have sustainable, regular and flexible employment and a chance to give their own children a better life.” I had the pleasure to shoot the product photos for Pebble to support a young businnes to create good quality employment for the young, illiterate, unskilled women of rural Bangladesh.

photo shooting of whisky and cocktail for “Chivas Ragel” in Bangkok / Thailand

product photography in Bangkok: playful toy-photo shooting for “Pebblechild”

Testimonial of my client: “Hi Anton, thank you so much for yesterday – for your patience and perseverance and particularly your sense of humor. I’m really delighted with the results.”

exterior and interior photography for “Sara Boutique Resort” in Chumphon / Thailand

travel photography in “Cadiz” Spain